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Tour of Scotland and the Shetlands

10 days / 9 nights
British Isles - Self-guided motorcycle tours

price from 3499 € per pers.

Duo : 3499 € per pers.
Duo Moto : 3749 € per pers.
Solo Partagé : 3749 € per pers.
Solo : 3999 € per pers.

Scotland, the land of whiskey, bagpipes, kilt and Vikings!
This complete itinerary will take you around Scotland but also its distant lands which are the beautiful Shetlands Islands.
The scenery will changes all along the way, giving you unique colours...

From Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye to the cliffs of the extreme north of the Shetlhands, discover Scotland in its most beautiful corners!
The varied and carefully hotels selected by us, will offer you the Scottish breakfast which guarantees you to be well stuck on your saddle!

Your day by day program

Arrival in Scotland, Welcome Edinburgh.

Go to the rental company to pick up your motorcycle.

You leave the beautiful historic city of Edinburgh and will explore some small villages and beautiful mountains, where the brown colors contrast with the blue of the lakes and the green of lush nature.

Fort William, a small active town, will welcome you at the foot of the Ben Nevis, which rises to 1344 m above sea level in Scotland.

Spend a night at the hotel on the banks of Loch Linnhe.

Approximately 252 km

Heading west to the Isle of Skye

This day can easily be described by a one word "Water"! Between the lochs, rivers, waterfalls and sea, water is omnipresent and offers sublime landscapes.

All this to arrive, after visiting a superb postcard castle, on the island of Skye, and Portree, its capital, a coastal village offering strolls in search of sea eagles or whales, dolphins and seals which often frequent the coasts.

Spend the night at the hotel on the charming little port of Portree.

Approximately 175 km

Cows and valleys

So much greenery for this day! After the Isle of Skye, the interior of Scotland is waiting for you to join again a small harbor village, Ullappol.

On the way, some beautiful valleys will welcome you along agitated torrents.

If you are attentive, beyond the sheep in the fields, you will be able to see those hairy cows with long horns that appear on postcards, the Higlands Cows!

Spend a night on the outskirts of Ullapool

Approximately 191 km

Lochs, white sandy beaches and cliffs

A fantastic day with varied landscapes, perhaps the most beautiful since the start. Seaside, small lakes, lochs, Scottish houses, ruined castles, sea caves, white sandy beaches, cliffs...

Everything is in place to make this one of the most memorable days of this Scottish journey! And watch out for the sheep which are numerous on the road!

Spend the night in an old house in the North of Scotland

Approximately 156 km

The Lands of Scotland and Cairngorms Nature Park

This day begins in style with a foray into the lost lands of northern Scotland. Open your eyes to the outskirts of Loch Loyal where it's not uncommon to encounter wild geese.

The route continues as a single track through the desert-like, green landscapes of another world.

Soon the return to civilization is noticeable as you pass through denser and more densely populated villages.

A few bridges, the bypass of Inverness and you are in the Natural Park of Cairngorms...

Spend the night in a charming residence in the heart of Cairngorms Park.

Approximately 185 km

The Loch Ness Monster

Monster or not monster, it would be a shame to be so close to this impressive stretch of water and to not point your lens to this!

So, let's go for a day in pursuit of a still living legend called here "Nessie"! If you go counterclockwise, the view and scenery will are more beautiful.

On the program, the visit of the exhibition center dedicated to Loch Ness and its monster with broad explanations on the different possible theories. Then, a detour to the ruins of Urquhart Castle which offers you a superb views of the lake.

At the southern end of the lake, you will find Fort Augustus which is a charming, colorful and lively village. From there, a ride up to the less crowded shore of the lake will be a real pleasure to ride.

Spend another night in the same hotel as the night before

Approximately 208 km

Cairgorms and cruise to Lerwick

Today you will cross the Cairngorms Park and its high peaks (including a ski resort), where a local wool, if possible, will be welcome.

Some beautiful forest scenery with period castles such as Crathes Castle, which can be visited, will take you to Aberdeen where you can embark for the Shetlands.

The ferry crossing is very pleasant in a comfortable ship that will take you all night long. A stroll on the deck will allow you to spot the first seabirds which are the delight of bird watchers from whole world.

Spend a night on the ferry

A paradise for birds and marine mammals.

When you arrive in Lerwick, it's better to leave your luggage at the hotel and head for the harbor.

There you will find a charming pedestrian center and you will also be able to observe in the water those little black shapes which are in fact the heads of the many seals that populate the area.

We recommend a boat trip in order to discover the birds that nest in the area (puffins, gannets...) as well as the marine mammals (otters, seals, dolphins...).

Don't forget your camera for this memorable sea trip. On your way back, all you have to do is enjoy the local museum or a small pub!

Spend the night in a hotel in Lerwick

The Shetlands from end to end!

The discovery of the Shetlands continues by small winding roads in the middle of long deserted areas.

A few farms come to color the landscapes made of green, blue and punctuated by the local wildflowers of the season.

Sheep are particularly numerous on this day.

Linger at the southern tip and watch out for the sea where, if you are lucky, you may spot a whale or sperm whale.

And don't forget to buy yourself a handmade Shetland wool before you leave!

Aboard the ferry in the evening.

Back to Edimbourg

Once in Aberdeen, the return to civilization is through haunted castle landscapes, large cultivated areas, golf courses, seashores alternating between cliffs and beaches with charming coastal villages...

A must-see stop at the famous Dunnottar castle.

Then on the direction of Edinburgh with, depending on the weather, a possible passage through St Andrews and the pretty coastal villages which follow.

End of trip on your arrival in Edinburgh

Departure board

Departure every day from mid-April to the end of October.

Technical information

Fact sheet
Starting point
  • Edinburgh, in the morning.
  • Edinburgh, in the afternoon!
  • Double room in hotels
Number of people
  • From 2 persons
Level of difficulty
  • Distances up to about 230 kms.
  •  Option Duo with Pillion      
    (included Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom) : 1€
  •  Option Duo / pers. 
    (included Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom) : 250€
  •  Option Solo in Shared Hosting / pers.
    (included Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom) : 250€
  • Option solo (individual room) / pers.
    (included Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom) : 500€

    INCLUDED - a motorbike type Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom with suitscases
    Prix et coloris 2020 pour les Suzuki SV650 et V-Strom 650 (XT) -  Moto-Station

  • Rental of a motorbike type BMW 700 GS with suitscases 
    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "bmw f 700 gs" : 160€
  • Nights in hotels with double rooms
  • Scottish breakfasts (extremely hearty)
  • Ferry crossings with cabins (round trip Shetlands) based on two people and one motorcycle
  • The travel file including maps and roadbook
Not included
  • Transportation to the start of the trip
  • Non-program transfers
  • Meals (apart from breakfast), beverages
  • Insurance
  • Motorcycle rental, possible repairs
  • Fines
  • Site visits
  • Optional program activities
  • Personal expenses


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